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HPJ Exim Pvt Ltd

About Us

HPJ EXIM has its registered office in India for trading activities and looking forward toexpandoffice in overseas. The chemical division of HPJ Exims handles numerous of industrial bubusiness importing and providing variety of Chemicals, Solvents and Polymers, HPJ EXIM is operativeand trustworthyname in the supply and service among differentmajor chemical users and traders all overIndia. The customers chain includes e.g. Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Plywood and Laminates, Formaldehyde, Soaps and Detergents, Paints and Thinners, Resins & Plasticizers, Footwear, and Cosmetics & Toiletries etc.

Along with this HPJ EXIM containsan international staff consists of professionals with diverse culture and educational backgrounds, HPJ Exim minimizes the impact of cultural and communication difference. HPJ Exim holds the mission ofglobal trading activities on international basis for buyer and seller business gradually grew and became global.

Indian Rice   |   Wheat Flour   |   Maize   |   Chemicals   |   Waste Paper   |   Handicrafts   |   Chilli   |   Gaur Seed   |   Sugar   |   Mentha OilRefined Soya Oil
Bee Honey   |   Milk Products   |   Adhesives   |   Printing & Dyeing   |   Food Processing   |   Cosmetics & Toiletries
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals   |   Ink Manufacturing   |   Soaps & Detergents